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Front Side: The front side of the business card designed by Home to Globe for Poetic showcases the band’s logo prominently, representing their unique musical style and artistic expression. The logo captures the essence of Poetic’s identity, incorporating elements like musical notes, instruments, or a distinctive symbol. The card may feature a creative and eye-catching design that reflects the band’s genre and musical vibe.

Back Side: The back side of the business card provides essential contact information and key details about Poetic. It includes the band’s name, along with contact information such as phone number, email address, and website URL. The card may also feature the band’s social media handles, allowing fans and potential collaborators to connect with Poetic online and stay updated on their latest music releases and performances.

The overall design of the business card reflects Poetic’s musical style and brand image, incorporating elements that convey a sense of creativity, passion, and rhythm. The card may include music-inspired graphics, artistic patterns, or photographs showcasing the band’s performances or album covers.

The business card created by Home to Globe for Poetic is a visual representation of the band’s dedication to their craft and their commitment to sharing their music with the world. It serves as a memorable and convenient tool for fans and industry professionals to connect with Poetic and stay informed about their latest musical endeavors.